rob limkeman

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

I grew up  in Wisconsin, Israel, Florida, & The Netherlands before I went to Westmont College and stayed here post-grad. My parents now live in Israel while my 2 older brothers live in Philadelphia and South Korea. Our family is in love with how Jesus blows our expectations and we're passionate about exploring the life he offers in our communities. I'm Samantha's grateful husband and love serving the youth of our town together as she teaches and coaches @ DPHS and volunteers with our Oceanhills youth ministry.  

Education: B.A. Psychology @ Westmont College, currently working on M.A. Psychology @ CalSouthern

Favorite Place I've travelled: Iceland... I think that's what heaven looks like (in June) 

Favorite Books & Authors: Anything by Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias, Phillip Yancey, or C.S. Lewis. I love practical theology, analogy, & story. "Making Sense of God" by Tim Keller if you're forcing me to choose because I think it's my favorite book for 2017+ spectrum skeptics, myself included :) 

What's your favorite thing about Oceanhills?: Grace & Growth! The grace in this place is astounding as we let Jesus move in his desires for reconciliation and transformation in our lives. The Holy Spirit in groups of believers is God's beautiful-mess-of-a-solution to the world's deepest problems and we're seeing glimpses into that reality through Oceanhills. I LOVE that. 

Favorite Things to do in SB: Volleyball @ East Beach, read @ The Santa Barbara Cemetery, or hike any of the trails with a journaling or napping break in my hammock.