Outreach & SErvice

Glow @ Alameda: Monthly Meal-Share with Friends Without Homes

Are you finding yourself stuck in the confusion of the who's, the how's, and the why's of people experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara?

Who's job is it to help? The tax payer? The church? The non-profit?

Am I enabling someone if I give them a handout?

Is it safe to converse with someone on the streets?

Glow @ Alameda is an opportunity to enter into the other side of Santa Barbara's postcard at the most basic level - bringing food. Jesus wasn't stopped by political or social persuasions when it came to loving those in need. Take a leap of faith by bringing a meal to the park, and see how God speaks to you!

If you are generous with the hungry

and start giving yourselves to the down and out,

Your lives will begin to GLOW in the darkness,

your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight.

-Isaiah 58:10 (Message version)

Every second Thursday of the month we meet next to the gazebo at Alameda Park. 

Set up 6:15pm, serve 6:30-7:15pm.

Click HERE to learn Glow's story.

Click HERE to sign up to bring food.

Click HERE to contact Erin Beck for more information.

CONNECT: Franklin School Reading Program

Did you know that 2 out of 3 of students who cannot read

proficiently by the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare? 

Did you know that 1 out of 4 kids in America will grow up without learning to read? 

Did you know that children who don't learn how to read

proficiently by the 4th grade are most likely to drop out of school?* 

This matters.

Oceanhills is partnering with Franklin Elementary School, located less than a mile from where we worship on Sunday mornings, to show them that these students matter, that we care about them, and that we won't stand by and let these scary statistics become a reality.

Connect AM volunteers read to students in 1 classroom for 1 hour a week, 

with a school-year long commitment. 

Email Erin Beck with questions.

>>>>>To download the School Volunteer Registration Form, 

please click HERE.

*1Write Express Corporation. "Literacy Statistics." Begin to Read. Accessed February 24, 2015. 

2WriteExpress Corporation. "Literacy Statistics." Begin to Read. Accessed April 16, 2014. 

3The Annie E. Casey Foundation. "Students Who Don’t Read Well in Third Grade Are More Likely to Drop Out or Fail to Finish High School." The Annie E. Casey Foundation. Accessed February 25, 2015.