We believe that Spiritual Growth Flows out of two basic Commitments:

1.  A Commitment to God and the Bible

2.  A Commitment to Significant Christian Relationships

A Community Group is a midweek gathering  of 6-12 people who commit to meeting together weekly to encourage and support one another and dig deeper into the Scripture our  church is studying that week. It is a group of friends who push each other to  live out the sermons we hear on Sunday and to keep growing through the adventure of trusting Jesus.

Community Groups meet from September through June. Commitment is the key to group growth, so you will have three weeks to check out your group and commit. We want to give people the freedom to try a different group if the dynamic or time is not working for them. Sign up using the form below and someone will contact you to determine your specific group needs and desires.

We also have Intro Community Groups for people who are just checking out Oceanhills and not sure they are ready to commit to a 10-week group.  Intro groups are 3-4 weeks, beginning in September, October, and January. 

Questions? Contact Pastor Jono.

We are always looking for more people to step up and help lead in a Community Group. The leadership of a Community Group is comprised of a Host, a Facilitator, and a Communicator.

  • The Host: Opens their home to the group and creates a hospitable atmosphere where people feel welcomed and relaxed.
  • The Facilitator:  Gathers the group and leads the sermon-based discussion on the Scriptures. They offer up ideas on reading the Bible and prayer in the group.
  • The Communicator: Communicates weekly within the group about time, location, prayer requests and other needs and logistics. 

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Why should I belong to a Small Group?

People who have been in a small group say that it’s the highlight of their church experience; it’s in these groups that close personal friendships are developed. Through these relationships you will feel that you truly belong at Oceanhills. With mutual support, encouragement, prayer and a life-oriented study of the Bible, small groups provide you with the opportunity to grow a deeper life.

  • To help you grow in your faith through interactive Bible Study and prayer.
  • To help you connect with others and develop meaningful friendships.
  • To encourage you to make a difference by serving with others inside and outside the church.
  • To be a safe place where you are invited to ask questions, and begin/nurture a relationship with Christ.
  • To be a laboratory for leadership development, where group members can be raised up and equipped to lead a group.