Our Desire is for men to grow deeper & stronger together.

Taking men where they have not gone before — physically, geographically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally! Why? We believe God has called us to walk alongside one another to support and sharpen, develop and disciple, mold and mentor one another into the men whom God dreams for us to become.

We accomplish this in unorthodox and unusual ways. Opportunities to plug in, get involved, and get growing happen on road trips, in small groups, at camp, under the stars, in the ocean, around the grill, on the bike, in the mountains, over a beer, and on the trail. Alongside one another — we ask each other excavation questions. We read, reflect, and respond to Scripture. We strengthen and encourage each other through listening rather then lecturing. 

JUMp in

Men’s Small Groups — Fall through Spring


Men & Kids Campout- Cachuma Lake

Friday, May 19th-Sunday, May 21st

Man Up BBQ — Sunday, June 4th @ 5:30pm

Casa de Doug Zylstra // RSVP to for Address

Mount Hermon Family Camp - August 6-12th

Sign up with Oceanhills for WEEK 8


-Lake Naciemento Trip

-Ski Trip

-Sailing Trip

For more information about Men’s Ministry opportunities, please contact Jon Ireland. Email