monthly meal share

w/ our friends without homes

Bring food, serve dinner, share company.

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Glow Monthly Meal Share @ Alameda Park is an opportunity to enter into the other side of Santa Barbara's postcard at the most basic level - bringing food. Jesus wasn't stopped by political or social persuasions when it came to loving those in need. Take a leap of faith by bringing a meal to the park, and see how God speaks to you! 


2nd Thursday of Every Month

April 12 // May 10 // Jun 14 // July 12

Meet next to the gazebo @ Alameda Park. Look for the Oceanhills Sign. Set up 6:15pm & Serve 6:30-7:15pm.

Email with any questions!

the heart of glow

Are you finding yourself stuck in the confusion of the who's, the how's, and the why's of people experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara?

Who's job is it to help? 

The tax payer? 

The church? 

The non-profit?

Am I enabling someone if I give them a handout?

Is it safe to converse with someone on the streets?

If you are generous with the hungry

and start giving yourselves to the down and out,

Your lives will begin to GLOW in the darkness,

your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight.

-Isaiah 58:10 (Message version)

its a community effort

During Glow, there are other Community Partners at the park with us to support the people we are sharing meals with!

-Medical Attention from Doctors Without Walls

-Housing Aid from C3H

-Social Aid from Uffizi Order & Common Ground

-Spiritual Conversations from Westmont's Bread of Life Students

So our role is not so scary knowing we have all of that support around us!

Remember, this is a MEAL-SHARE, so please come hungry, jump in line and eat alongside our friends without homes. It's much less awkward to have a conversation with someone eating if you also have food in your mouth!