community group sign ups

most groups start the week of 1.15!


Women Jill Ireland TH 6:30pm Uptown FULL
Women (27-35) Cosy Del Carlo TH 7am Eastside FULL
Women Felicia Heslin W 9am Uptown FULL
Women-Pete's to Pier Kathy Guzman F 9:30am Downtown OPEN
Men Dan Biederman W 6:30am Downtown 5
Men Jimmy Howard & Jono W 12-1pm The Loft 4
Men Jon Ireland M 6pm Montecito FULL
Men Jon Ireland TH 12-1pm The Loft 3
Couples w/ Children All Ages Karen Ohrn SUN 4pm Uptown 2
Parents of Teens Dylan Minor W 7pm Downtown 4
Married Couples Dan & Jill Ireland W 6:30pm Uptown 2
Newly Married Branden & Julie Lisea TH 7pm Goleta FULL
Young Couples Jill & Sho McLemore TBD TBD FULL
Young Families Falconers TH 7pm Goleta FULL
Young Families Barrys M 6:30pm Uptown FULL
Young Families Max & Holly Beers TH 6:30pm Goleta FULL
Young Families Brian & Erin Beck W 6:30pm Uptown FULL
Young Families Chris Thrash W 7:30pm Uptown FULL
Young Families Jon Peterson T 7pm Downtown FULL
Young Adults Brandon Wong SUN 7-9pm Uptown 2
Young Adults (Ladies) Taylor & Kendra T 7-9pm Downtown 3
Young Adults (Men) Rob Limkeman TH 6:30-7:30am Uptown 6
Young Adults Jacob Biever T or W pm Eastside FULL
College Women Kathy Guzman W 5:45pm Westmont 2
College Students Ken Kihlstrom 6:30 PM Montecito 3
Mixed Forrest Mori W 7:30pm Uptown 5
Mixed- Worship Yoga Julie Lisea W 4-5pm The Loft OPEN
60+ June Michaelson W 6pm Uptown 3