We believe that Spiritual Growth Flows out of two basic Commitments:

1.  A Commitment to God and the Bible

2.  A Commitment to Significant Christian Relationships


WHAT: A midweek gathering of 6-12 people who commit to meeting weekly to encourage & support one another-- who dig deeper into the scripture our church is studying that week. A group of friends who push each other to live out the sermons we hear on Sundays and to keep growing through the adventure of trusting Jesus.

WHEN: 10 weeks, September-June. 

WHO: Try a group for 3 weeks to ensure it's the best fit.

HOW: Select a group that fits your interest and schedule here. 

I'M NOT SURE: We also have Intro. Community Groups for people who are just checking out Oceanhills and not sure they are ready to commit to a 10-week group.  Intro groups are 3-4 weeks, beginning in September, October, and January. Questions? Contact Pastor Jono. Want to jump in? Sign up here.

I'M ALL IN: Consider Leadership. We are always looking for more people to step up and help lead in a Community Group. The leadership of a Community Group is comprised of a Host, a Facilitator, and a Communicator.

  • The Host: Open your home to the group and creates a hospitable atmosphere where people feel welcomed and relaxed.
  • The Facilitator:  Gather the group and lead the sermon-based discussion on the Scriptures. You offer up ideas on reading the Bible and pray in the group.
  • The Communicator: Communicate weekly within the group about time, location, prayer requests and other needs and logistics. 

Why should I belong to a Small Group?

People who have been in a small group say that it’s the highlight of their church experience; it’s in these groups that close personal friendships are developed. Through these relationships you will feel that you truly belong at Oceanhills. With mutual support, encouragement, prayer and a life-oriented study of the Bible, small groups provide you with the opportunity to grow a deeper life.

  • To help you grow in your faith through interactive Bible Study and prayer.
  • To help you connect with others and develop meaningful friendships.
  • To encourage you to make a difference by serving with others inside and outside the church.
  • To be a safe place where you are invited to ask questions, and begin/nurture a relationship with Christ.
  • To be a laboratory for leadership development, where group members can be raised up and equipped to lead a group.