It's not too late to start one, two, or three spiritual practices to help prepare your heart for Easter and draw you closer to God in this season. Even if you had previously planned to start and haven't yet- it's not too late. This isn't about checking a box and the list of Lenten Spiritual Practices we're sharing isn't a spiritual bucket list. This is about deepening your relationship to the living God. 


“The disciplines we need to practice are precisely the ones we are not good at.”

– Dallas Willard


  • 1.     Circle 3 Soul Training Exercises that you are committing to practice during Lent.
  • 2.     Now, go back and underline the one that you skipped or passed over because it seemed impossible, too difficult, or that you questioned the value of. Press deeper- reflect on your resistance.
  • 3.     What’s holding me back from committing? Am I willing to offer that over to God and make a 40 day commitment?

Train yourself to be Godly. – 1 Timothy 4:7


“Soul training exercises allow us to place ourselves before God, so that he can transform us.” –Richard Foster


1. Weekly Media Fast – Practice a disconnected day: 24 hours unplugged with no screens (TV, cell phone, tablet, or computer) to battle our struggle with comparison, envy, waste of time, procrastination, and to become more present and engaged in real family conversations. 


2. Weekly Sabbath Rest - create space to pray and play… to learn that God still works when we stop. Our hurried and busy lives and our workaholic tendencies are a prison. This weekly exercise is a way to intentionally remind yourself that there is a God and you are not him.


3. Regular Chair Time – learn to cultivate intimacy and closeness with the Living God. Daily devotional time including Scripture reflection & listening prayer and journaling to deal with feeling stale, dry, or stagnant spiritually.


4. Weekly transparent sharing with a safe spiritual friend – learn to shine the light on secret shame, sin, or addiction. Invite a friend into a 6-week adventure together of transparency and trust. Meet up once a week to connect intentionally.


5. Service - weekly service to crucify my ego, need for credit, affirmation, or recognition… press deeper: do it anonymously or in secret. 


6. Fasting from spending any $ on myself or my home – learn to live without…  to crucify my discontentment, materialism, spending more than I make. Write down five things a day that you are grateful for and stay away from Amazon, Anthropologie, REI, wherever you love to shop.


7. Biting your tongue – commit to not speak an unkind word about others not present. Self-regulate what comes out of your mouth about others. Instead, once a day give a five second compliment to someone and encourage them.


8. Hospitality – learn to live without isolating. Invite 2-6 people over once a week for a meal. This is to replace isolation, individualism, feeling left out or lonely with being proactive and creating fellowship experiences.


9. Pray for your enemies and competitors - learn to live in freedom from bitterness. A daily prayer for God to bless them - to crucify a bitter, resentful, critical, unforgiving spirit in you.


10. Sunday Worship Gatherings – to prioritize gathering with God’s people to experience God’s love and to celebrate God’s grace. Which might mean saying “no” to sleeping in, kid’s activities, exercising, or changing our weekend routine.

11. Slowing Down – learn to live without hurry. Curing our hurry sickness. It’s hard to love when you are always in a hurry. Choose to put yourself in a position where you have to wait- pick the longest check-out line at the store, fast from honking, chew each bite 20x, drive home a different slower way…


12. Celebration – learn to live without judgment. Celebration brings joy into our lives, so be intentional about weekly time set aside to play, sing, dance, and laugh. This will save us from taking ourselves too seriously, becoming dull, boring, and cynical.


13. Prayer Walking – learn to be an ambassador of Christ in your neghborhood. Walk and pray around your neighborhood. Ask God to bless your neighbors and put a hunger in their hearts for Him. Learn their names and become a light on your street.


14. Financial Giving - learn to live without loving money. When we give money away we crucify greed and begin to see ourselves as stewards of God's resources. Give a % of your income for the next 6 weeks as a spiritual act of trust. 


15. Submission – learn to live without having to get our own way. Our obsession of demanding that things always “go my way” is a great bondage. In submission we value other people- their perspective, ideas, and plans become important to us. Submission involves a stepping back and giving way to others.


16. Silence and awareness of creation – to remind yourself that God is all powerful, bigger than any problem that you’re worried about, and can create something out of nothing. Find 5 minutes each day to sit in silence in creation and become deeply aware of God’s goodness and love. Pay great attention to the sights, sounds, and colors of nature. Gaze at the stars before you go to bed, watch the sunrise before you start your day, take a walk around the block on your lunch hour, stop by the beach and watch the waves, or hike on a local trail.