your church online...

The Ohills Hub is an online community with the

people in your church. 

Be Known- Build Your Individual (& Family) Profile

We love to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, and important life moments with you! Have fun adding special dates & updating photos regularly.

Contact Friends- New & Old

Search for other members to email, call, and connect. It makes it easy to build community.

Send Messages to Your Groups

Group chat about your small group meetings and with others you live your life with.

Sign Up for Events

The system will automatically fill out your form when you have a profile- so easy!

See & Manage Your Serving Schedule

Sign up to serve, chat with your serve team, and manage your schedule easily.

View Your Giving Records

They're private- only you and the bookkeeper can see them.

the fine print...

In circumstances where someone is misusing the online community, the church staff may restrict or block access to CCB.

Is CCB Secure?

Church Community Builder works hard at making sure that all of your data is secure (CCB statements on security). CCB lets you control what information you make available to other users of the online community. While it is encouraged to make more of your information available to other members of Oceanhills for building community, you are able to opt out of the online directory completely or determine what information in your profile is visible to specific sets of people.

See the Church Community Builder (Basic User Walkthrough) for information on how to control your privacy settings.

Church staff is limited to access only information necessary to do their job.